Blog #31. Juicebox Citrus IPA. That's better!

This drink is what Lidl’s Plunged Orange wants to be. Plunged Orange dreams about Juicebox; It stalks Juicebox on Social Media. Plunged Orange always finds a way to bring up Juicebox in conversation. Plunged Orange photoshops itself next to Juicebox in the fridge. Juicebox has never heard of Plunged Orange. People only drink Plunged Orange because they haven’t tried Juicebox. Forget Lidl and give this one a go.

Juicebox by Fourpour Brewing Co. 5.9%

Fourpure Brewing Company have created an absolute delight. It’s fresh, zesty, has a mild citrus taste, not too over powering. Perfect for summer drinking. At 5.9%, it hits the spot too, but where it’s so fresh it’s not overpowering. My wife tried it and compared it to mixing a lager with a can of Rio, which is a great comparison. Like a lager top, but better!

Bank holiday Monday, feet up in the sun all day with family and a few bevvies, what more could you want!

Blogger Ben and I have previously reviewed Lidl’s Plunged Orange, check them out here : Dan’s 5/10 + Ben's 7/10. It’s a direct comparison in my eyes, similar percentage of alcohol with a similar goal of being a fruity pale ale. Whereas (in my opinion) Lid’s Plunged Orange sinks, Juicebox Citrus IPA sails majestically off into the sunset.



-Dan 🍺

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