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Blog #30. Hatherwood Craft Beer Bitter Iron IPA - another Lidl's special.

Another day, another beer to review.

As it is bank holiday Monday, the usual rules of acceptable drinking hours have been rescinded. I couldn't bring myself to crack one open at 9am - that is in the realms of 'those' people who are stood outside Wetherspoons (although probably not when we return to normality based on Tim Martin's treatment of his staff) waiting for it to open in the morning. Instead, I decided that a beer would be a welcome addition to a walk around the lovely countryside that we are able to call our back yard.

Up the back of Newhaven.

Hatherwood are Lidl's in-house brewery and have made quite a few different beers, many of which I have really enjoyed, and some have already been reviewed.

This Bitter Iron IPA is 5.4%, just out of realms of a session beer, but it tastes like one.

It has a slightly hoppy smell, but the overwhelming scent is citrus/lemon - I expected it to be sharp and crisp. My nose did not deceive - citrus flavours come through with a bit of malty sweetness, which leads to a bitter finish.

If I had a criticism, and I do, is that it tastes a bit thin or watery - the flavours mentioned above are not strong. Another thing - it is incredibly gassy (that may be to the fact I was drink-walking) which makes me think it'd be a bit heavy for a heavy session on these, so I am a bit confused here. I even said to my wife that this beer got better once it had gone a bit flat, as then you get the sweet malt taste (ask her if you don't believe me!)

I want that #picoftheweek badge!

I guess my question is:

Could I drink it again

Will I drink it again ✓

Will I enjoy drinking it again ✓

Could I drink a skinful of it X

So, heart over head - 6/10.


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