Blog #3. Bevog Tak Pale Ale - reminiscent, in the wrong way.

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

If I had £1 for every beer I've ever had... I'd buy more beer!

In recent years I've found myself leaning towards the finer things in life, moving away from standard mainstream lager and seeking something a little more jazzy! Something to look forward to: an exciting pale ale to pair with dinner after a long days working from home. Of course, working from home has its benefits - less traffic and more time with my baby boy Theodore! I book stag and hen do's, well... I used to. Now I cancel stag and hen do's, because no one can go away for the weekend during a pandemic obviously!

Bevog Tak Pale Ale 5.5%

Bevog Tak Pale Ale was today's jazzy treat after dealing with complaints and date changes all day, and it was a little underwhelming. It takes you on a taste journey which you could compare to a commute, ultimately disappointing because end up at work. The first sip is aromatic and fruity, but by the end it's sharp and leaves you with a weird aftertaste, a feeling each time like you've just downed a whole can of fosters. Which I am sure you can all remember isn't pleasant. 4 out of 10. Maybe after many, many more of them they'd start to get better. The branding doesn't excite either and I can't say I'd recommend. Cheers Dan 🍺

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