Blog #29. Steam Brew Session IPA. It showed me mercy.

Wow. last night ended up being a heavy one!

Our first group tasting session was great, we had a laugh, we drank some beer and we talked about the beer we drank... success!

-Beer friends!-

I feel I may have gotten carried away with the drinking some beer part...

After throwing the towel in for the virtual session when the free zoom account kicked us all out for the second time, I then took part in yet another lockdown family quiz, and needless to say a few more beers were consumed in the process. I woke up this morning feeling sorry for myself and for the rest of the morning, up until lunch, I lounged about and binged some 'money heist' on Netflix with the other half and the dog, not feeling too dandy! However, the show must go on and I have a beer to review!

Here we have Steam Brew's Session IPA and at 4.9% ABV I'm starting to lose confidence in the term "session".

It pours to a hazy yellow colour with a head that doesnt hang about too long, and it looks gorgeous in my stein, which I acquired at Munich's Oktoberfest; it felt only fitting to use being a German beer. The can (the reason I even picked this number up in the first place) looks cool! It even says on the reverse that it's a "German design award special" - sweet.

Sadly this isn't as good as it looks. Its fine, but isn't winning any other awards. It is watery, fizzy, maybe too fizzy and it doesn't have anything worth bragging about: it's the most "lagery" ale I've tried. No stand out flavours, just watery fizzy beer, but no complaints from me because although it wasn't packed full of flavour, it was refreshing when served ice cold. Perfect for a sunny Sunday afternoon, when maybe strong tasting beer isn't going to do you any favours!

-Cheers Jesse!-

Due to how pleasing the can and the pour is to the eye and how even though at nearly 5% it's extremley drinkable and refreshingly light (could easily had a couple more, even in my sorry state) I'm giving this one:


I'm keen to try others from Steam Brew and see how they compare.


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