Blog #28. Bira 91 White - Guest Review.

*This guest review comes from Swapnil Morye, a dear friend of blogger Chris, who hails from Mumbai, India. He gives us his review of India's Bira 91's White.*

The Bira brand has been a sensation in India and has taken the country by storm over the last couple of years. Introducing non-lager beers to a nation whose choice of beer ranged from Kingfisher Light to Kingfisher Strong (yes, there were just 2-3 lager brands around) has been a revelation.

Bira walked into the market with a bang, totally grabbing attention from a market that has survived on lager. For a start-up brand, Bira was easily available in retail outlets and started with 2 popular variants: Bira White and Bira Blonde. Bira has taken an unconventional, but long, leap in introducing a billion people to different beer styles. Bira White, just like all other Bira variants, is specific to the Indian market, a market which contains delicious, low bitter beers with refreshing flavours.

This delicious wheat beer, with its strong wheat taste and (predominantly orange) citrusy flavour, immediately reminds of an easy-drinking craft beer. Even though it is 50% more expensive than most of the commercial lagers available, the refreshing change of mindset has turned it into a trendsetter.

Compared to beers available here on the Indian market, I'd give this beer 8/10. Compared to beers available during my time in Britain I'd say it's more of a 6/10. My final score meeting in the middle at 7/10.


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