Blog #23. Intergalactic! Yeastie Boys, Bigmouth Session IPA

9 out of 10!

Rating first, no need for suspense. This IPA is a delight, one of my favourites yet. Would definitely recommend. Has a slight twang, something special about it. It's drinks like this that made me fall in love with pale ales. This one leaves you wanting more and sits well in the stomach, this feeling could also be attributed to the immaculate pulled pork burger I had from La Maison Catering.

Yeastie Boys, Bigmout Session IPA, 4.4%

The branding is great, sits there eyeing you up each time you open the fridge. This drink doesn't fight for anything, it has earnt the right to sit at the top of the leaderboard. So close to a 10.

This beer brought me joy.... it's a joyful beer. I dont want to stop writing about it because it was so good. Will be keeping an eye out for more in my travels. Feel free to buy me some if you see it anywhere. I will pay cold hard cash for them.


Dan 🍺

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