Blog#20. Freak Aleworks - Phantom Pale Ale. Get your beak in the freak.

Another lockdown day of not doing very much. But its Friday evening and time for a beer.

I picked up this Aldi supermarket special, Freak Aleworks Phantom Pale Ale 4.8% 330ml can labelled as 'craft beer can' for the lovely sum of 99 pence, what a bargain.

It pours golden amber with a head that's foamy and white. The smell of some zesty citrus notes comes through, paired with a malt and light hoppy finish. It tastes quite florally and has a citrus hint, with a slight malty bitter aftertaste.

It's a nice pale ale and for the price you can't complain, nothing special, but none the less a nice brewski.

Not sure if my generous 7/10 is due to the great Aldi price of 99p, but its getting a yes from me.


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