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Blog #2. Vocation Divide and Conquer. Damn that's bad.

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

God. That is powerful*.

So, today I've done lots of schoolwork (I'm a primary school teacher) involving calling students, planning online maths lessons, writing reports and being involved in a training session on Teams.

Then, as always, I need to do something physical in order to 'earn' my beery treat. So, I mixed up roughly 500kg of concrete (by hand) and laid most of a foundation to fix my battered old patio. Beer earnt.

Notice the cat footprints on the right hand side. Bloody things.

Ok, on to the beer. On the can it states 'character this strong will always split opinion', and they are not wrong.

As soon as you crack the can you are assaulted by hops, so much so that it almost smells burnt. Honestly, the smell is awful. Its almost saving grace is that the taste, which does carry citrus notes that cut across that awful smell, but then the citrus disappears and those very strong hops are back. Fizz level is compared to a regular lager.

I don't think I've ever had a beer that is so hoppy.

Strangely, my wife thinks it is drinkable, so I suppose that's something.

2/10. At a push. Sorry Vocation, Cool can and branding, but I am on the other side of the fence.

*I had quite a few beers last night and this morning I woke up slightly 'fuzzy headed', so that may have skewed my scoring. Still, it may have only got a 3!


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