Blog #16. Part of your 5 a day? Hatherwood Plunged Orange

In lockdown I’ve decided I can have a beer on lunch, I am the Captain now. (Name that movie!) Another Lidl spesh, Plunged Orange Pale Ale, from the made up Hatherwood Craft Beer Company. I paired this with a bacon, bri and cranberry toastie. Hence why I am assuming these are part of my 5 a day, orange and cranberry. (I’m counting them)

Plunged Orange Pale Ale - 6%

This Pale Ale which was previously review by Ben: Blog #9 and given a 7 out of 10. This brew Is interesting, It definitely doesn’t have a great first sip, it’s sickly and makes you regret even opening it. But as the drink goes on the sweetness to it becomes more palatable and the 6% alcohol starts to kick in and you start to remember why you like beer. It finishes off better than it starts, but I am unsure if I could handle any more than one. It’s does in fact taste like Fanta as Ben mentions, and I don’t think I want to be drinking loads of Fanta. So I don’t think I can rate it too highly as I am not too keen to plunge again. This is a beer a child could easily drink! So when my little boy hits 13, I’ll get him a load, until then I won’t be purchasing again Lidl.

In my drinking career I have tried 3 Lidl beers now. Not impressed!

5 out of 10.

Cheer Dan 🍺

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