Blog#15. London Beer Factory - Hazey daze session IPA.

After a long bike ride along Hastings seafront and back, dodging pedestrians in the cycle lane and the strong smell of cannabis hitting me every so often, I sat in the garden and cracked open this Hazey Daze, which my wife picked out in Tesco for me (she's encouraging me to drink).

Once I pulled this funky over-sized ring pull I got a strong smell of pineapple, citrus and tropical fruits.

As expected, it pours hazy and cloudy.

Taste: cloudy lemon and mango notes. Hints of many fruity flavours come through - it is quite a sweet IPA - it kind of reminded me of an alcohopop, like lemon hooch, with just a slightly bitter after taste.

A nice juicy IPA at 4.6% alc, it goes down well. I imagine this drink would be great if you are hungover and it's time to start day 2 of drinking.

I probably couldn't consume too many of these though, as I think the sweetness of the fruits could get a bit too much, but a very nice beer to start the session.

It's a 7/10 for me.


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