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Blog #14. Brew York Kaijuice - a roller-coaster beer.

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Ahoy me hearties. What a wonderful day.

No brickwork or brick BBQ's today, it is Operation: Get rid of loads of rubbish.

With the weather hitting the 20's, school work done early doors, I knew a new beer was on the cards!

Kaijuice - I do like the branding and love Kaiju films

So, the beer.

When you crack the can, the beer smells lovely - deliciously hoppy and a slight citrus tang. The first taste is a corker - bold and beautiful.

You're thinking 'Wow Ben, you've hit on a fantastic beer here, stop the blog, you've won!' but, alas, it goes downhill from here.

All of that hard work is spoilt because of how it finishes. If you've read my review of Vocation Divide and Conquer, the finish is similar - a burnt/bitter taste. No where as much as the Vocation, and it is just able bearable, just to enjoy the smell and start. It must be something to be with my knackered tastebuds, as clearly these beers are gobbled up by punters .

This beer is all over the place, like a Godzilla movie or Pacifim Rim (I really like this film before you roll your eyes) and that isn't always a bad thing.



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