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Blog #1. BrewDog Speedbird 100. Start with what you know.

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

Ahh. You can't beat that first sip of a beer you know you can trust, one that isn't going to blow your head off, be as thick as treacle or be so weak that you many as well have a refreshing glass of puddlewater. Like most of us, I've been trying to fill my days to justify a drink and today, I began stage 1 of Operation: redo the patio.

My wife and I bought a 'do-er-upper' and the patio is (was) so wobbly that it did a great job in making you feel like you've had 5 pints already. So today, I lifted the slabs (heavy), investigated what was below the slabs (mud) and levelled said mud using a trusty piece of skirting board and a level.

Ignore the bits of hardcore, Ben did a good job. Beer earnt.

I've drunk a few of these now - one of my wife's friends is married to a BA pilot, who brought some of these round (I'll explain the BA link) and I nabbed one and haven't looked back.

The BA link is that BrewDog made these for BA's 100th birthday. I think.

It is really quite fruity which hits you straight away and you seem to get more fruit towards the finish. It doesn't finish with a bitter or hoppy note, which some IPA's can, and has enough fizz that you could drink a few of these before feeling like you might go pop.

Roughly 2 quid a can, it gets 9/10 from me.

Will anything ever beat it?


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