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Blog #22. Freak Aleworks Phantom Pale Ale. 99p a can is always a winner!

After staying in the same town for the past 9 weeks, I felt very adventurous, venturing a whole 10 miles to Lewes for a grand old trip to Aldi. I didn't have much on the shopping list except....er....beer! It's an essential item, right?

Aldi have always had a better variety of beer and cider than its rivals (Lidl) in my honest opinion. A good selection, cheap and they look very inviting to drink.

It was tough choice of what I wanted to spend my hard earned furlough wage on; it was critical I made the right choice or deem my trip from Seaford to Lewes worthless - the tension was almost unbearable.

The beers I decided on were Odyssey Lunar Lager, Buckhorn Stateside IPA, Half Pipe Session Pale Ale and Freak Aleworks Phantom Pale Ale. I also bought a couple of ciders, but I think I'll just shut up about them. When looking on the back each can, I think they are all just made in the same place!

Were they any good? Well yes, for 99p a can it's a bit of bargain, nothing special, but again they're 99p, what do you expect? But to live in a day where you can a get pretty drinkable 'craft' (in the loosest of terms possible) for under a bright and shiny pound, it's a no-brainer.

Did any stand out? Not exactly. They are drinkable and are better than your average beer, but my criticism is that they are all a little similar, nothing to really make each stand out from the other. If I had to choose one in particular it would be Freak Aleworks Phantom Pale Ale, it had little more to it than the others, a use of citra hops gave it a little citrus flavour that I look for in a craft style beer. It was refreshing and left me wanting another. These are drinkable, but as I said, don't expect your taste buds to go into overdrive.

Having a BBQ any time soon? You could grab a big batch of the Lunar Lager, get them cold and enjoy them with your burger and it would be a hell of a lot better than a crate of Fosters or Carling. Or you could pick a selection of them, stick on the Bundesliga (that's German football) over the weekend and grab this blinding snack to enjoy with it...

Beer rating 5/10, nothing special but better than your average set beers

Price 10/10, I can't argue with any beer under a £1

Thanks to Ben for letting me share my Aldi beer experience!


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