Offers and codes

Do you know what we like more than beer? Beer with a discount.

Freedom Brewery

Not tasted these beers before, but they look good. Plus, this offer is one of the best out there - 15% off and free del!

Price per beer: 24x Freedom Lager £1.17


Hawks Head Brewery

Not a brewery I am familiar with, but at these prices I may well have to be. 36 bottles of a few different styles for £25/£30! And the icing - free delivery (for the time being). Go get some!

Price per beer: 69p!

OFFER CODE: follow the link

Honest Brewery

This looks intriguing. A range of 12 well-known beers and/or glasses for £24 with free delivery. On top of that, your first months 'membership' free. The membership is £10 p/m and in the first month you get that to spend on beer. After that, either cancel or crack on! (They also do a 10% off with newsletter sub, but I don't think you could combine these together. If you've tried it, let us know!)

Price per beer: £2 + £10 worth of future freebies.

OFFER CODE: follow the link.


Flavourly have a lot of choice - Ben will be going here very soon. 5% off for you whipper snappers. They also have a 20 for £29.95 with two glasses, so check that out!

Price per beer: 20 Case deal - £1.49



This deal gets 10 beers, a snack and magazine for £5.95. It is a monthly subscription, which is £29 per month (too much!) so cancel as soon as you've recieved your order. When I called to cancel they offered me the 8 monthly beers for £16 per month, so that offer is available if you want it! Code expires 8th June 2020.

Price per beer: £1.68


Siren Craft Brew

I love the designs on these cans. I also have one waiting for me in the fridge. 2 free glases with your order.

Price per beer: flagship x12 £2.50



Chris informs me that Tesco have 8xPunk IPA's on offer for £9 - get 'em while they last! (Update - until 10th Aug).

Price per beer: £1.13

OFFER CODE: go there!

Camden Town Brewery

Camden Town Brewery have a 10% off your FIRST order. But as with the Beer52, your 90 year old neighbour would love a crate of Hells.

Price per beer:12x Hells + 10% off - £1.77

OFFER CODE: with newsletter sign-up.


There is quite a lot going on at BrewDog at the moment. Free del on 'Sunshine Bundles'. Chris also found a 10% off code as well for 'new' members. But your mum needs some at her address, so does Phyllis next door.

Price per beer: Sunshine bundle +10% off - £1.00