Petition Reverse the change to Small Brewers Relief



The Treasury has announced changes to Small Brewers Relief (SBR) – the progressive tax system that has revolutionised UK brewing. These changes will reduce the 50% duty threshold from 5,000hl to 2,100hl: small breweries will have to pay more duty, whilst larger breweries could pay the same or less.

Those that will have to pay more do not know by how much as the consultation has been delayed until the Autumn. This is creating grave uncertainty for many small breweries at a time when the industry is trying to survive the Covid-19 crisis.

We believe the Treasury should not reduce relief for any brewers below 5,000hl and should reverse its decision to reduce the threshold to 2,100hl, and that these changes are threatening closures, innovation, competition, local jobs, investment and consumer choice.

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