Ben enters the world of home brew.



I have entered the world of home brewing, by buying lots of stuff from Ebay.

Today, I took my first steps into entering the world of home brewing beer. I have seen many kits online for roughly £40-50 and for 5 litres of beer that sounds right up my street, but, alas, they are all sold out. I had a light bulb moment: last year I attempted to make home cider from the apples on a tree in my front garden. Did I have success with the cider? No! Essentially, I tasted the cider, decided it was too bitter and sharp and added waaaay to much calcium carbonate (chalk) to mellow the acid level and turned the cider into water. Not quite Jesus then. Anyway, I still have my 2x5L demijohns (big plastic bottles), 2m of 10mm plastic hose, 2x bubblers (to let the pressure created by the yeast escape), a funnel, a hydrometer (to ascertain the alcohol content of your poison). So, to that I have ordered: 3kg of two types of malt, a packet of Safale US-05 yeast equivalent (plus another one that isn't suitable because I rushed and didn't do my research), a bottle-capper and 100 caps, 150g of 3 types of pellet hops, 4x muslin mash bags to put the malt in and a digital thermometer. In theory, I have ordered and already have, everything I need to enter this world. Now, the waiting game. Come on Royal Mail!

Oh, what beer am I going to try and brew you ask: Elvis Juice!