Ben enters the world of home-brew: Part 2



Ben has done the hard bit. Now, the waiting game...

At long last, Ben has received all of his Ebay bits and bobs and has put it all together. Under his sink, he now has 10 litres bubbling away, turning all of those sugar particles into lovely alcohol particles!

He spent a good 3-4 hours sanitising, mashing, striking, sparging, boiling, hopping, cooling, straining, pitching, air-locking and finally watching the yeast do its thing.

If most of that makes no sense to you, Ben recommends going onto his YouTube video to watch his steps.

He spend roughly £14-15 on ingredients (not including equipment) and should get between 4-5 litres of Elvis Juice out of this batch. He has also created another batch, he called 'Leftover's Delight', which uses up the grains and hops that are not going to be used with Elvis Juice, as well as plonking in some strawberries to tweak the flavour.