A delivery from Beer 52!



Ben opens a box of beer and sees what they are.

Six days after ordering, my Beer52 box has arrived. I later found out from blogger Dan, that if I had used code: AP2 instead of AP3, I would be writing about two extra beers. We live and learn.

Anyway, after making a fun stop frame animation of the box creeping its way into my living room, it was time for the unboxing to see what was inside.

1. Cheeky P's BBQ roasted chickpeas - they were rock solid and not great. Artisan? Hmm.
2.Fierce - Cafe Racer. A coffee and vanilla porter at 6.5%! I do like porters and stouts, so I have high hopes for this.
3. Tiny Rebel - CLWB Tropica. A tropical IPA at 5.5% Mango and pineapple - a perfect beer combo. Fruities are my specialties, so it'd better be good!
4. Ohara's - Extra Irish Stout. Chocolate and vanilla apparently, at 6%.
5. ABK - HELL Das Blaue. 5% - no idea what to expect with this beer - is it a Helles?
6. Harviestoun Brewery - Old Engine Oil Black Ale. Rich, bittersweet velvet at 6%. This looks frightening.
7.Harbour Brewery - Lager. A more manageable 4% I expect this to be an easy drinking beer.
8. Fierce - Fierce Pilsner. 4.2% I don't really like pilsners - different hops or yeast combo? Let's see if I can be converted.
9. Two Tribes - Electric Circus American Pale. At 4.7% it won't destroy me, but like pilsners, not mad on American Pales thus far. We'll see.
10. A lovely beery magazine containing lovely beery things.